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About me

A programmer with good networking knowledge would probably be the best way to describe myself. I am a -young- experienced programmer mostly in Ruby on Rails and Python. Since I've joined the Inverse team in March 2014, I've also gained experience in Perl and Golang. Developping and rethinking software is what I love while keeping in mind that software is made for the real world. It must be scalable, redundant and maintainable.


Anyfile Notepad - http://anyfile-notepad.semaan.ca

Anyfile Notepad is a cloud based app completely designed and developped by me. It allows more than 350 different mime types to be opened directly from Google Drive and any file on it to be opened using the app's file explorer. Leveraging the ace.js library, it brings the power of a desktop editor to the cloud. Notable features include VIM keybindings, 100+ syntax modes and approximatly 15 themes. The application also has a light Dropbox integration that allows to edit any file residing on Dropbox to be edited through the app. This project has started back in October 2013 and has managed to keep itself free even though it's offering itself as a Cloud based service. It now features an ad-free subscription paid yearly powered by Stripe using a Golang webserver and API.

Fingerbank - http://fingerbank.org

In 2015, I was offered the opportunity to do a major rework of one of the Open Source project at Inverse where I work. It was to rethink the Fingerbank project which was a file based DHCP fingerprint database used mainly by PacketFence. The goal of the rework was to support additionnal data sources (like User Agents, DHCP vendors and MAC vendors, ...). Then came the challenge to create a low maintenance system that would be able to recognize almost any device on earth based on it's network connectivity pattern. This became the Cloud version of Fingerbank (fingerbank.inverse.ca for version 1 and api.fingerbank.org for the second iteration). This Cloud version mainly designed by me was the first step in the rework of the Fingerbank project. This application is now backed up by client side libraries ( Perl, Javascript, Ruby ) which gravitate around this cloud application and are developped at Inverse on which I also contribute.

Cuisine Plus - http://www.cuisine-plus.ca

First IT project that I tackled, creating a static website for Cuisine Plus, a Montreal based kitchenware business. From there, it has evolved over the years into a small business website with it's own content management interface. Thought for small businesses where budgets are tight, this website manages to have a 0$ cost per month by leveraging free services as Dropbox, Heroku for hosting and then Ruby on Rails and its libraries as a backend technology. A fork of the website, based on the idea of a simple, low cost but fully featured small business retail CMS almost became my business project but that never took off.

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